3 Amazing Home Finishing Touches That You’ll Love

Decorating your home and turning every space into a reflection of your lifestyle and personality can be a very rewarding project. Because everyone’s tastes, needs, and preferences are different, there are no set rules when it comes to adding those special touches that can make your home truly yours. However, there are some simple ideas that have proven to be the favourite of homeowners and decorators around the world. Read on to find three easy ways of adding a personal touch to your home.

Eye catching lighting

Twig and fairy lights are not just for Christmas! You can add a lovely finishing touch to any room in your house with lighting ideas like wrapping string lights around a mirror, creating a tree with twig fairly lights and attaching it to the living room wall, wrapping them around flower pots or baskets, filling empty wine bottles or glass jars with mini twig lights, or wrapping a set of warm white LED fairy lights around shelves, bookcases, or the fireplace.

Personalised fragrances

Scented candles are an easy and cost effective way of personalising the atmosphere of your home. Candles are not just a decorative item, but they are also functional, as they can add a warm touch of lighting that is just right for those moments when you want to unwind and enjoy some “me time”. Have a look at the extensive range of products available at online shops like Yankee Candle, and you will realise that the options to decorate your home with candles are virtually endless. To create a truly unique atmosphere, layer two or three of your favourite scented candle jars, or complement your signature fragrance with flameless fragrances, votives, and wax melts.

From simple wall to work of art

Most people think of their walls as a space to add decorative touches, such as photographs or paintings. Why not go a step further and add a finishing touch to your walls by turning them into unique pieces of art? There are hundreds of cool wall stencils out there, from geometric patterns to trees or flowers. But for a fabulous finishing touch, create your own wall stencil design using your favourite quotes, a picture of yourself and your loved ones, or a memorable landscape. Try this tip on one wall at a time, and if you like the results, you can design your own wall mural.

Tim Aldiss writes for Yankee Candle UK, the world’s best loved candle.

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