4 Home Automation Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

It’s no surprise why home automation is quickly gaining popularity with homeowners. With the ability to monitor most of your home’s appliances with just the sound of your voice from your smart phone or by using a remote control, can it get any better? If you’ve just invested in your own automation system, or if you’re wondering if it’s the right thing for you, here are four things about home automation that every homeowner should know.

1. Saving Money and Energy


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Who doesn’t love saving money and energy? Most home automation systems offer smart products that help you control and manage your home’s energy use. If you forget to turn off your thermostat after leaving for a big trip, you can remote in and set it to whatever temperature you choose. You can also program your thermostat to heat or cool depending on when you’re home or away. So if you work nine to five, you can tell your thermostat to turn off at nine in the morning and turn back on around four or five in the afternoon. This allows you to stay comfortable at all times and save money too.

You can also use real-time energy consumption when you sync up your appliances to run at the most cost-efficient time. In some regions, power is cheaper after midnight so you can program your dishwasher to run at one in the morning and your washing machine to start at three or four, so it is ready to change over when you wake up. This allows you to save both money and energy all day every day, in addition to accomplishing household chores in your sleep.

2. Home Protection


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Probably the best thing about a home automation system is that it allows you to monitor your home from anywhere. This bring peace of mind, because you know what is going on while you’re away at any time. You can access real-time videos on your smart phone or computer and arm or disarm your security system to accommodate expected visitors.

If your summer getaway is one of the many new homes in Orlando, Florida, for instance, you can use this system to protect against tourist burglars and unwanted trespassing. Some systems even offer to alert you when there is unexpected movement or activity on your property and in your home.

3. Easy and Convenient


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Accessing the many devices in your home remotely makes for a more comfortable and laid-back lifestyle. Set the coffee pot to start brewing before you get home from a long day and immediately relax with a hot cup. If you get in a hurry and forget to turn the oven off, just use your phone to flip the switch without doubling back. You can control the TV and lights to turn on or off which creates convenience and makes life simpler with the touch of a button.

4. Fire Fighting


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Home fires can be caused by a number of things whether you’re home or not. Faulty wiring, knocked over space heaters, and even candles too close to curtains can destroy a home in minutes. With home automation, you can turn off the HVAC in your heating and cooling system to stop the spread of smoke and oxygen that feed the fire. If you are home and realize you have a fire, get outside as soon as possible and then activate your home automation. If you are away and no one is there, you can program your outside lights to flash on and off to help authorities locate your home faster.

It is no doubt that home automation can protect you and your home whether you’re away or not. It will save money and energy as well as alerting you and your family of dangers that could go unseen. If there is any question as to whether or not a home automation system is for you, consider these facts and decide if extra protection and convenience will help you live a safer and happier lifestyle.

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