4 Questions to Ask Your Professional House Painting Service

Having your home professionally painted can be a considerable investment. One recent report noted that the current national average for such a service costs just over $2,600. This means that planning is an important part of the process if you want to spend wisely. If you are ready to have your home professionally painted, there are several important questions you will want to ask your painting contractor or service before they begin work.

1. Do You Provide Detailed Bids?

Hiring a painting contractor can be a slippery slope. However, the more detailed a bid, the simpler it can be to break down their services to gauge whether you are getting the best deal. Look into contractors who can provide you with easy-to-read bids that let you know exactly what to expect.

As you narrow down your choices, do not be afraid to ask the contractors about how they create their bids. For example, do they offer you prices on the materials they use, and are they clear about how the types and brands might affect the outcome? The more you know about the bidding process, the better choice you can make.

2. How Long Will Prep Take?

Not all painting jobs are the same, and depending on the condition of your home or where the painting is taking place, the prep work may take longer than you expected. To avoid frustration or misunderstandings, ask your contractor about what kind of prep work might be involved in the job and why. Keep in mind that preparation might include scraping, priming, and even repairs in some cases. Paint contractors usually wear many hats and may be able to provide you with a variety of prep services.

If the exterior of your home needs considerable preparation, you may want to choose a contractor that has a great deal of experience in this area. This can be especially important if you own an older home or one that has never been repainted before. Hiring professionals who can spot when walls need cleaning before they are painted or can scrape or sand efficiently may help you avoid costly repainting later on.

3. Can I Expect a Walk Through Upon Completion?

Knowing what to expect upon completion of a professional painting job can offer you peace of mind, such as whether your contractor offers a walk through once the job is finished. A walk through can allow you to gauge the quality of the work and what might need touching up. Review ceilings, walls, and spaces that have poor lighting, such as interior closets.

Walk throughs should be performed as soon as possible once the painting is finished. However, you may want to review your contract to review what your painters will repair or touch up for free and what you might have to pay for.

4. Do You Offer Any Discounts?

When it comes to comparing bids, you might benefit from asking for a discount. A painting service might be willing to work with you in this case, especially if it means winning a competitive bid. Even if the difference in cost is not considerable, the contractor may be content to offer it, especially in the case of larger jobs.

Try to negotiate fairly if you ask for a discount. For example, while a reduction in price might be reasonable if you want the interior and exterior of your home painted, asking for a major reduction in price for the cost of one or two rooms is not. The more reasonable you are with your pricing requests, the more discounts you are likely to get from your contractor.

Having your home painted is a major investment in both time and money. Understanding the process, asking the right questions, and working closely with your contractor can ensure a quality job that can last for years to come.

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