4 Top Tips to Help You Enhance Your Hallway

As the hallway is the first room that people enter when visiting your home, it’s important to have a space that feels open and welcoming. First impressions really count when it comes to your home, as you want people to have a positive image of your home and the way you live. In most homes, the hallway is often a space that sees little attention when it comes to the décor, with rooms like the kitchen and living areas taking priority, but as the welcoming point to your home, you should always focus on enhancing your hallway properly.

  1. Introduce a Calming Colour Scheme

Having the right colour scheme in your hallway is going to make sure that the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Using bold colours such as red, blue and purple will instantly create a cold, cramped feel, whereas creams, greys, greens and browns can really help to bring the hallway together perfectly and create a warm, homely aesthetic. Working with a neutral colour scheme can make detailing much easier too, as you have the option to add more colour or texture to the mix without the décor clashing. A neutral colour scheme is also ideal when you want to introduce oak furniture pieces like these Furniture Plus Online pieces, or dark wooden flooring like this to give the room a little drama.

  1. Choose Bright Lighting

The lighting within a room plays a huge part in the overall mood and feel. In order to make the space within your hallway feel open and warm, you need to invest in lighting that has a soft, yellow tone. Choosing lighting with softer tones helps to maintain that homely feel, whereas lighting that is too bright will create more of a cold atmosphere, just as a dark lighting tone would make the room feel cramped and dull. It’s really easy to get the balance of lighting right, especially if you focus on introducing main lights as well as side lamps, to keep the room lit to a nice level when not in use. If you’re unsure on how to light your hallway properly, you’ll find that many local electricians allow you to take the lighting fixtures home to test in the room, so you can gain a proper feel for how they’ll work once installed.

  1. Reflect the Light

Whether you have a strong flow of natural light within your hallway, or you rely on your lighting fixtures to brighten the room up, by introducing mirrors you can rest assured the room will feel open and welcoming. Mirrors are the perfect feature to help you reflect the light around the room, creating a sense of space and maintaining that inviting feel. By positioning your mirrors in doorways or parallel to a walkway, you can really enhance the feeling of space and transform a smaller room in moments. You can find a beautiful range of mirrors available here, to really bring your hallway to life.

  1. Invest in Multi-Purpose Pieces

For many homes, the hallway can be a smaller space that people often find difficult to decorate. The main focus with your hallway is to create a space that is practical yet stylish. You don’t want to overdo it with the décor as the room will become cramped. Focus on investing in some multi-purpose furniture pieces, such as stool with storage underneath, a bench with hanging hooks on the back or even a console table the doubles up as some storage and a surface space for essential items. By introducing items like these to your hallway, you’ll be able to utilise the space properly, without having too much going on in a small space.

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