5 Ways a Mattress can do Wonders for your Sleep and Overall Health

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”

Thomas Decker

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of human life and a good mattress can actually make it an even more immersive one. Although many of us don’t really need an excuse to dose off but a comfy bed has the ability to provide us with a pretty strong one!

According a recent statistics, 92% of all Americans say that a good mattress is beneficial to a great night’s rest. We are here to say that a new and well kept mattress can do wonders for your health overall as well.

Before we begin our discussion, it is important to point out the ideal firmness level of a mattress. A medium firm mattress can provide the proper comfort for many individuals, and it’s important to pick the ideal comfort level for you as an individual.

Below are some of the most common health benefits of spending the night on a good bed.

Relieve aches in general, back pains in particular

Yes, one of the major health benefits of a proper mattress is that helps greatly decrease body aches and especially back pains. The top of your mattress is deeply influential in triggering stress on your bones if they are too firm or too soft.

As mentioned above, a medium hard bed can help ease these tensions that allows your entire body to rest peacefully and wake up the next day feeling rested and energized.

Furthermore, obstruction of sleep due to any reason can cause other bodily alterations too, the most notable of which is an increase in your belly fat. Yes, research indicates that having little sleep contributes to making a person fat which can go on to result in body and joint aches too.

Reduces stress and potential symptoms of it

A study reveals that almost 65% Americans report losing sleep due to accumulated stress. This is an enormous percentage and the hassles can really take a toll upon the human mind and body.

Similar studies have also revealed the impact that a good night’s rest might have on the pressures that the brain endures all day and through different periods in life. A comfortable rest on an optimum bed can induce the brain into a calming phase allowing you to sleep free of worries and wake up feeling fresh too.

Keeps potential allergies at bay

Old or worn out mattresses are breeding grounds for bed bugs, mites and molds. Leaving these unchecked can allow these to be inhaled by the body, bug bites, or grow into multiple disorders and potential health hazards for you and your loved ones.

Calms snoring

Scientific research has revealed the fact that snoring is greatly influenced by the firmness of the bed that you sleep on. As such a bed that is moderately soft can help ease the pressure points and allow you to have snore-free night, much to the delight of your partner sleeping beside you.

Helps improve normal brain functions

A good night’s rest helps the brain go into REM sleep which allows the immune system to improve and improve our memory. Studying and then allowing your brain to have a rest can help embed what you’ve studied much more intrinsically.

The benefits of new and good quality mattresses purchased like one purchased at a local mattress store in Las Vegas can give the importance of a proper sleep. It’s essential to take this into consideration if you have an older mattress and are struggling to sleep at night.

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