Accents For Your Interior Design: Three Places To Get Really Creative

interior designInterior design is fun and something that can change the look and feel of a home without the need to go through a complete remodel.  The right interior designer will make the process a cinch, and you will be able to get the room that you want, and you will have a lot of input into the design of the room.  Most of the time you will have some limitations in the design of your room, especially if it is a living room or a den because of the small number of furniture colors that are available.  Fortunately, there are ways for you to get really creative in your design and make the room your own.


Even a room with carpet can benefit from having some small throw rugs on the floor.  These rugs are usually very inexpensive and they can come in almost any color that you can imagine, from bright colors to earth tones.  Rugs are a great place for you to create some contrast between what your furniture looks like and the rest of the room.  For instance, a brown and tan couch paired with a  rug that also incorporates some teal creates both synergy and contrast, deepening the impact of the entire design.  You do not want more than one or two small rugs, but this is a place for you to splash some extra color.


Another place where you can get creative is with the artwork in the room.  Remember that art does not have to mean paintings, and you can set small objects on tables or ledges around the room that add to the general atmosphere of the room.  If you want a room to feel rustic, then adding some handmade crafts are a good way to convey that idea.  If you are aiming for something a little more modern, then some knick-knacks made of metal or glass will bring that idea to the forefront.  The decorations that you have in the room are what help to give meaning to the room.

Window Treatments

The thing that should pull the entire room together and make the room a single design is the window treatment.  If the room is meant to be a casual room, then curtains or blinds are the best option for you; however, if the room is designed for more formal occasions, then you will want some heavy drapes instead.  The window treatments should be the place where all of the colors and patterns that you have throughout the rest of the room come together.  If you splashed color in your rug, then that color should be represented in your window treatment.  The main colors of the window treatment should be the main colors of your furniture, unless you are trying to create a deep contrast, and then the colors should be the opposite of the colors of your furniture.  Getting the best window treatment for your room is something that a professional will be able to handle with ease.

There are a lot of choices to make in your room design, but the process should be one that is fun and enjoyable.  You want a room that reflects who you are and how you think, and if the room does that, then you have succeeded.

I am Linda Blaine, and I recently did a formal redesign of my dining room.  I hired Heritage Design Interiors ( to do the work because they created some of the best window treatments Lancaster PA homes have.  During the design process I learned a lot about how to unify a room and I wrote this article to share what I have learned.