Backyard Patio Design Tips

When it comes to backyard patios, yours should reflect your unique lifestyle and resemble a luscious, relaxing oasis. Even a few additions can dramatically transform your special outdoor space to an inviting area that enhances the beauty of your natural landscape, says Wicker Paradise.

If you have favorites trees and bushes surrounding your spot, then creative lighting can allow your backyard patio to sparkle. Stringing rows of white lights and decorative lanterns is both elegant and romantic.

Outdoor accents like sculpture, artwork, a beautiful running water fountain and a rustic firepit all bring people together in a cozy kind of backdrop. These little pieces help define who you are, what your taste is like and feature a personal touch.

Seating is important, and nothing says backyard patio tradition and sophistication like wicker furniture sets. Choose a favorite color, and run with it. Wicker is ideal for those sultry warm days and evenings; it’s gorgeous to look at, comes in a wonderful variety of styles and prices and is durable for your surroundings.

Investing in a wicker sofa, loveseat and chairs will draw friends and family to your space. Wicker’s comfortable, classic in outdoor design element and always chic. The cushions you select can highlight your backyard patio with prints, solids or a combination of both.

Another must-have for your outdoor space is an umbrella that provides welcome shade with durable construction and efficient features. Treasure Garden umbrellas are the superior choice in high-quality fabrics, rustproof aluminum frames with easy crank-lift and push-button tilt.

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