Build Your Shed From Scratch: A Guide To Custom Shed Design

shedGetting a shed is one of the best things that you can do for your home.  You can make the shed into whatever you want, and that will enable you to expand the size of your home for a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods.  The best part about adding a shed is that you can create the design almost from scratch, using only an exterior shell and a vision, you can make your shed however you desire.  The process can seem overwhelming, but there are four key things that you will need to do to get your shed constructed.


First, you need to start with your budget.  Sit down and figure out how much you can spend on the entire project, including the foundation or base, and stick to that number.  Once you have the number in mind, do not deviate from that number or you will find yourself spending much more than you intended.  During this process, you should also check into your other payment options.  A credit or rent-to-own program will allow you to spend a little more than you might have thought you could spend.


Once you have your budget in mind, you can start to think about how large you want the shed to be.  The shed should be big enough to do all that you want to do, but it should also have a little extra room for growth.  Do not purchase one that is too large or too small, or you will have buyer’s remorse as soon as the shed is delivered.  Also make sure that the space in your yard is large enough to handle the shed that you think you need.


With the size of your shed in mind and a firm number for how much you can spend, you can pick out the design of the shed that you want.  There are several different designs that you can choose, from simple designs to more modern and more sleek designs.  You will want a shed design that compliments your home so that the shed does not stick out and makes your property seem like it all fits together.  For even more storage, get a shed that has high walls, so that you have some space in the shed’s attic.


Finally, you can start to pick out the add-ons that will allow you to make the shed into the building that you really need.  If you are only creating a simple storage shed, then you will not need many additions.  On the other hand, if you are making your shed into a spare room for the home or a workshop for your hobbies, then you will need more additions.  Take care and think about the add-ons that you really need, and do not waste your money on things that are not necessary for your custom shed.  Just because the option exists does not mean that it is something that you absolutely have to have with your new building.

When you design a custom shed, you get a building that you can use for whatever you want, but you need to be careful to include all of the customizations that you need during the design process.  You want your shed to be ready to go whenever it is delivered.

I am Lindsey Grimes, and I have been a shed owner for the last two years.  I got my shed from the leader in storage sheds Lancaster PA has had for years, Glick Woodworks (  They were a pleasure to work with, and the shed arrived just as I order it, on time and at the price I was quoted.  I highly recommend their sheds to anyone who is in the market for extra storage.