Construction Site Safety Tips for the New Year

The New Year is coming, and with it comes thoughts of making business improvements to everything from operations to safety protocol. In the construction industry, safety needs to be a top priority. Here are some construction site safety tips that will help you embrace greater safety in the coming year.

1. Empower Employees to Be Safe

Encourage safety among employees by allowing and encouraging them to report safety concerns to management. Make sure that management acts on the concerns reported. When employees see that your company takes safety seriously, they are going to be more dedicated to safe work practices.

2. Complete Fall Protection Training

Falls are the top cause of construction fatalities, with around 40% of all worker deaths happening because of fall hazards. Proper training on slip and fall hazards is essential to help protect workers from these hazards. Workers need to be trained how to avoid hazards as well as how to spot risks in order to use proper protection.

3. Inspect Eye and Face Protection

Eye and face protection is an important safety measure on many construction sites, but it needs to be used properly and have the right fit. Eye and face protection should not interfere with normal movement. It should fit snugly on the face and be kept in good repair, with no cracks or other damage that could compromise its effectiveness. Ensure that employees are properly trained on all the times that they should use eye and face protection, and ensure an adequate supply is available at all times to employees.

4. Insist on a Clean Workplace

Many of the hazards created in construction work are due to housekeeping concerns. Tools and materials that aren’t properly picked up can create trip-and-fall hazards, and hazardous materials improperly cleaned create additional risk. Insist on this year being the year that your team works to keep the workplace tidy to avoid unnecessary risks.

5. Update Material Safety Data Sheets

OSHA requires Material Safety Data Sheets to be kept for all potentially hazardous materials. With 2018 approaching, consider inspecting these to see if they’re accurate for your current materials list. Place the sheets in a visible, accessible area so your workers can easily find them when needed.

As an industrial construction company, it’s your job to ensure your workers are safe on the job. Don’t become complacent and let safety slip by in 2018. With these tips, you can ensure a safe and functional job site for your workers in the coming year.

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