Custom Additions For Your Shed: Three Things To Add To Your Design

When you are in the process of designing the shed that you need, there are a lot of different customizations that you have the ability to add.  Not all of the customizations are right for your shed design, and you will want to pick the ones that are best for the purpose that you have in mind.  There are three custom additions that you might want to spend some extra time thinking about, because these are additions that are useful in a wide variety of situations.


One of the most common customizations is the inclusion of a ramp.  With a ramp you will be able to move equipment in and out of the shed with ease.  Ramps help to smooth the transition of going from outside to inside, and they are vital if you are going to place heavy objects inside your shed.  Though you might not think that you need a ramp right now, you should really consider adding one during the customization process.  You might find that you want a ramp later on, and adding a ramp once the unit has been installed is not as easy as having one installed initially.


Another thing that you might want to consider in your customization is a set of vents.  If you are certain that the shed will only ever be used for the storage of boxes and non-hazardous materials, then you will not need a vent.  However, if you are planning to store things like fertilizer or gas cans, then you will want to have a vent installed.  Also, if you are ever planning on using the shed as a workshop or an extra room for the home, then a vent is necessary to keep the temperature of the building regulated.  Vents are a cheap and efficient way to cool a hot building, and if you are going to spend much time in the building at all, then you will want to have some kind of ventilation.


Finally, you should consider adding an electrical package to your shed.  You might be buying it as a storage area right now, but as time goes on, the shed will look more and more tempting as a workshop or a crafts area for the family.  When you decide to change the way that you use the shed, you will need to have electricity so you can operate your tools, run lights and use some kind of heater or air conditioner.  Like most additions, adding electricity to the building, even if you do not plan on using it right away, is the best choice that you can make for your shed.  Trying to add electricity later can be expensive, and in some shed designs, almost impossible once the unit has been delivered.  Your best bet is to plan for what you might use the shed for, and not just what you have planned.

Sheds are a terrific way to get the extra storage that you need and to provide the family with additional space.  Sheds can be adapted to meet a wide range of needs, and customizations are the way to transform the shed into the building that you want.  By purchasing the customizations that you may need in the future, even if you do not use them right now, you will have what you need when you need it.

I am Shawn Hoover, and I am the proud owner of two backyard sheds.  The first one we bought just for storage, but I soon realized that a shed would make a good wood working shop.  Unfortunately we did not order a shed with an electrical package or vents, so it was not possible to change that shed.  We wound up buying from the leader in storage sheds New Jersey homeowners use, and now I have both storage and my own workshop.  I wrote this article so people would understand that they need to think about what they want to use their shed for now, and how they want to use the shed in the future.