Tips on How to Give a Spacious Look to Your Small Apartment

The rising property prices and limited space have resulted in people compromising with a small apartment. However, the urban living in cities like Mumbai and Thane increases the desire among people to live in a spacious flat. This article gives certain tips on how to make your small flat look spacious.  

With an increase in population, the demand for property has resulted in space constraints. The situation is very much evident in city like Mumbai and other Mumbai Metropolitan Regions (MMR) such as Thane. Known as the ‘City of Lakes’, the city has emerged as one of the top realty destinations in India. The real estate builders afford to provide the best designs of residential flats in Thane within the limited space.

Where the limited land cannot be extended, there is something that can be done at your end to give your small apartment an ambience of a spacious, airy and beautiful look. Let’s take a look at some of the important tips:

apartment decorKeep Limited Stuff

This is one of the most practical ways of creating space in your room. Keep only the useful furniture in room, utensils in kitchen, wall hangings, and remove unwanted things to create an ample space. Keeping less and only useful stuff reflects more space in your apartment. Design room artistically to give a beautiful look with limited things. The less scattered the stuff is, the more light is reflected back to all the corners of the room to give a spacious look.

Use Light Shades for Interiors

Darker shades for your wall paint, windows and doors give a compact look to your home. Using lighter shades like grays, whites and pastels in the interiors give more spacious and lively look. So, try some light colors to magnify the overall look of your apartment.

Use of Mirrors

Mirrors can be used intelligently to create space illusion. Use of mirrors of different shapes and sizes can create an artwork for room decoration along with giving a look of elongated room space.

Floor Design

The appropriate selection of floor designs, carpet and floor material gives a positive impact on your room space. For a small room, carpet use should be avoided as it makes your room look smaller. Light colored tiles or wooden flooring gives an impression of spacious room. Also, using a stripped design for your flooring gives an illusion of more space.

Choose Light Weighted Furniture

Furniture is one thing that takes the maximum space in your room. Hence, the selection of furniture should be made keeping in mind the size of your flat. Light weighted and compact furniture looks stylish as well as create more space in your home.

Sufficient Light

Allowing sufficient natural light into your rooms create optical illusion through glass windows and gives an enhanced look to your small flat. The use of artificial lights and proper ventilation makes the home airy and less compact.

 Paint a Portion of Room Ceiling

Another way of giving a larger appearance to your home is doing a little work with the room ceiling. The ceiling in your room can be made to look taller by painting a portion of it, say one foot from where it touches each wall with the same color of wall. The painted boarder gives an impression of higher ceiling.
If you always wanted to create an illusion of larger home, it is the right time to do it. So, get ready to try these tips and see what difference it can bring to make your flat appear slightly larger.

Swati Srivastava is a professional writer who has written several articles and blog posts for real estate, employment and education sector in India. She loves to share her knowledge and opinion on different real estate topics such as Mumbai Real Estate, Thane Real Estate and Delhi Real Estate. The above article provides tips on how to give a spacious look to a small apartment.

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