Five Important Safety Features to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Pool

Owning and maintaining a swimming pool also comes with a great safety responsibility—not only to yourself and immediate family—but to friends who also come over to enjoy the pool. Fortunately, you can implement several safety measures to safeguard family and friends when you ae designing and installing your pool. The following are important safety features to consider when designing your pool.

Safety pool cover. Safety pool covers are one of the most important layers of protection to have in place when your pool is not in use. Children, pets, and other animals will not be able to enter the pool water. Secondly, it will protect your pool water from leaves and other debris—keeping it clean and sparkling! Typically, pool covers come in mesh and solid materials.

Drain covers. Installing a cover over your pool drain will protect swimmers from the powerful suction of your pool filter. Choose a cover that is durable and won’t react to the chemicals you use to clean and maintain your pool water.

Pool lighting. Lighting the pool at night will not only guide family and friends when they are swimming, it will allow them to safely move about the pool area. Plus, it will really add to the ambience!

Pool alarm. A pool alarm can serve as the final layer of protection. There are a variety of pool alarms to choose from, depending on your specific situation. A perimeter alarm will create a laser field around the pool that will sound an alarm when a child, pet, or other animal penetrates the field. A gate alarm attached to the gate and employs a magnetic field to sound an alarm when the field is broken.

Pool safety fence. Installing a pool fence is another vital extra layer of protection pool owners should have in place to prevent children, pets, and animals from entering the pool when it is not in use. LOOP-LOC removable fences are ideal, as they can be easily set up and taken down, and are aesthetically pleasing. Make sure the fence is four-sided and at least four feet high. It should also have a self-closing, self-latching gate.

Once your pool is installed and you begin to use it, the most important safety consideration to implement is vigilance—especially when children are present. A responsible adult should always be present and actively monitoring the pool, with no distractions such as a smart phone, tablet, or book. Implementing these measures is sure to result in a wonderful swimming season for all!

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