Furniture That Your Dream Bathroom Should Have

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom over the course of a lifetime and it should be a relaxing environment where you feel calm and happy. In order to create your dream bathroom there are certain pieces of furniture you should have. If you are fixing up a master bathroom is the furniture that should be included.

An Elegant Vanity


A vanity is the perfect place for you to get yourself ready for some pampering. For your dream bathroom choose one with a smooth finish in a colour that is desirable to you and matches the rest of your bathroom. You may choose a pale blue or green or even choose to have a shiny white vanity. Just make sure the vanity will fit comfortably in your bathroom. Install a lighted mirror above the vanity and you will have a luxurious place where you can get ready for the day ahead of you. Try to keep a makeup mirror on or in your vanity so that you can get yourself completely ready for work or a social occasion without having to leave the room.

His and Hers Sink

If you live with a romantic partner treat yourselves to matching his and her sinks. This way you will each have a clean sink to wash your hands and face in and you and your partner can even get ready for your day at the same time.

Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet

To save floor space in your dream bathroom affix a medicine cabinet to the wall above your sink and paint it to match the rest of the room. This gives you a discreet place to hold your medications and other personal products so they are not cluttering up your bathroom. The more pure and clean your bathroom looks the more it will start to feel like your dream bathroom.

Wall Mounted Shelf

Mounting a shelf on your wall where you can keep makeup, hair accessories, hair care tools and more in one easy and convenient place. This will be especially helpful if your bathroom is on the small side and you have a lot of items you wish to keep in the room.

Vanity Chair or Ottoman

Depending on your personal preferences choose either a vanity chair or an ottoman for your bathroom. Either one of these pieces of furniture can sit in front of your vanity to allow you a chance to relax while you prepare for your day. A vanity chair should be the colour of the bathroom’s walls in order to match and to make you feel like you are in your dream bathroom.

Elegant Laundry Hamper

If possible try to use a laundry hamper that does not actually look like one. The fancier it is the more it will look like just another piece of furniture in your bathroom.

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