Garden Design Tips for a Garden with the Wow Factor

Creating the perfect garden space is usually a high priority for new homeowners. Making the space your own is a great way to settle into a new home, and with many people wanting to use their outdoor areas for entertaining guests as the weather gets warmer, it’s important that you can be proud of how your garden space looks.

Giving your garden the wow factor isn’t as difficult or as costly as you may think. In fact, its relatively easy to create a garden that you can be proud of – and your guests can enjoy!

Simplicity is Key

Gardens don’t have to be complicated in design or nature; many people go overboard during the design process and then regret it years down the line when it takes up too much time to maintain and keep looking impressive, especially when it comes to plants in particular.

If you know that you’re going to lose the motivation to spend time caring for your garden – or even if you just prefer the minimalistic approach – simple is the best option to choose.

Stick to smooth shapes when it comes to lawns and flower beds, avoiding sharp, harsh lines which can make your garden seem disjointed.

Extend this to any gardening furniture you may add. Whether it’s a water feature or stylish rattan garden furniture, make sure you’re choosing a style which has a smooth look and feel.

The Rule of Three

If you’re not familiar with interior design, the rule of three, which helps to keep a space looking interesting without being too overcrowded with one type of material.

While it can be tempting to want to mix and match different materials, if done incorrectly, it can make your space seem crowded and busy – not ideal for a garden where you want people to be able to relax in.

Instead, stick to the rule of three and don’t use more than three types of flooring material. For example, grass, decking and gravel are great materials that work well together and don’t clash, making for a more relaxed, zen garden.

Same goes for colours; while flowerbeds bursting with colour are beautiful, having a designated colour palette for your garden will make it look more sophisticated and definitely make your garden stand out.

Don’t Rush to Plant

While you probably have an idea of what you want to plant in your garden, it’s important to resist the temptation to start planting before you have settled on how you want the larger features of the garden to look.

For example, if you want to reshape the lawn or add a deck, there’s no point in planting anything until the work has been done to avoid any damage to the plants.

Be patient – see it as the icing on your garden cake to finally plant your favourite flowers and shrubs!

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