How to Create a Welcoming Garden for Your Home’s Front Entrance

You spend the majority of your time decorating the inside of your house that it’s easy to forget about the front yard and entrance. The curb appeal of your home can be just as important as the inside, as it is the first impression visitors get.

Create a space that is welcoming and develops an inviting atmosphere for anyone that stops by. Make your home stand out so that people driving by want to stop and appreciate your entrance. A well-kept garden and lawn will help achieve that.

Here are a few tips to create a welcoming garden for the front entrance of your home.

Plan from the Visitor’s Perspective

There are two plans you should have in mind. The first is from the moment a guest arrives. To get an idea as to what would look the most inviting, take a walk out to the street and view your entrance from the visitor’s perspective. What are the things which stand out the most that you think will be important? Make notes of what the neighborhood is like. You want to be unique, but you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb.

Small shrubs that line the driveway and the path to the door are a way of inviting your guests in. You can also plant small trees within the shrubs for more texture and levels.

Plan from the Entrance Experience

The second plan you want is from the entrance experience. You’ve already wowed your guests as soon as they exit their vehicle. Now you need to keep that feeling alive as they walk up to the door. Give your guests something to observe and comment on as they wait at the front door

Place small flowers around the area to highlight the entrance. Include plants like Geranium and Peonies to the mix.

Take Care of the Lawn

You could have the most beautiful entrance ever, but a burnt lawn overtaken by weeds would easily overshadow it. A lawn goes hand-in-hand with the entrance of your home. It is essential to take care of it, so you end up with lush, green grass to awe the neighbors with. If you’re no lawn care expert then you can always hire a professional lawn care service or reference a local lawn care guide like WikiLawn Dallas, for example, for best practices.

Add a Pop of Color

Bringing in bright colors is a way to attract attention to your home. You don’t want to go overboard with every color of the rainbow. However, adding in a few flowers that complement each other’s color will create a warm and inviting atmosphere for visitors.

Door Potted Plants

To give your entrance a formal touch, add a potted plant on either side of the door. There are many shapes and sizes of pots you can use, depending on what you like best. Remember, your guests will be close and personal with these plants. It is the perfect opportunity to add unique plants that will be great conversation starters.

Add Variety

A quick way for your entrance to look dull is by having the same plant all over. You want to add variety into the types of flowers and trees, as well as any containers or pots you include.

Adding variety also means with the color and smells of the plants. Change up flowers that offer a more pleasant fragrance closer to the entrance. Consider incorporating plants that are okay for people to touch.

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