How to get Creative With Laminate Flooring

Is it time for you to give your home a creative makeover? Looking for the perfect material with an extensive palette to bring out your creativity and give your home that extra bit of pizzazz? If so then laminate flooring makes a great product to really achieve something out of the norm and give your home a unique and expressive look that you have visualised. Laminate flooring is an incredibly flexible product and has a wide range of choice in terms of the style, design, type, colour, thickness, lengths, widths and finishesso there’s a lot of available variations when it comes to getting creative. You can use laminated wood planks practically anywhere other than floors including, stair cases, ceilings and even wallsthat can really bring a ‘wow’ factor to your home design.

Forget what you think you know about laminate flooring and all the common products you may have seen installed in the past. This highly creative home addition can really bring your place to life and here are just some of the ways in which you can get creative with laminate.


To give your home the makeover that it deserves, you need a laminate that will fit seamlessly in with your choice of color and design. This style of flooring comes in a huge range of colors and patterns from oak, pine, distressed grey, bright white, Earth colors and just about everything in-between. Don’t just think about adding a laminate that will reflect the colors in the room, you can use this flooring and its range of colors to create a show-stopping feature in your home.


Wood Type

Laminate flooring is not just about design, it is also about practicality and with a wide range of woods to choose from, you can ensure that your home offers both style and functionality. Wood choices will depend on your price range as the sturdier and more elegantly designed woods on the market, will come with a small premium. Try to think about the design and flow of the home when selecting which wood is right for you.


Varying Length

Being creative with this kind of flooring is about bucking the trend and giving yourself the freedom to break the rules. With this in mind you should think about cutting your flooring up into random lengths in order to give it a unique and exciting design. If you plan to do this then you will need to plan first on paper before cutting your lengths and don’t forget to measure twice, cut once.


Go Crazy With Angles

As with cutting random lengths, styling your laminate into an angled floor space can really give you the creativity that you are looking for in your home. Angled flooring can be difficult to achieve if you are looking to have flooring throughout different rooms in the home but if you are only looking to feature it in a single room, this is a method that can work very effectively. Buying laminate flooring for your room can help to open up the space far more than a carpet or vinyl and if you are able to let your creative juices run wild, you can give the room a great finish.

Climb The Walls

Source: CreativeCommons

In spite of its name, laminate flooring can be used on other spaces in the home and you can add some real style and creativity if you branch out a little in terms of where you place the flooring panels. One surefire way to add a touch of class and design to your home is to use laminate flooring on your walls in order to replace paint or wallpaper, or even to create a feature wall with a difference. Attaching laminate to the walls is much easier than you may think and with some strong adhesive you can turn your wall into a real showpiece.

Source: CreativeCommons

Stairway to Creativity

Whilst it can be difficult to install, and you should use a professional if you plan to do this, adding laminate flooring to you stairs can create an impactful and creative element to your home design. You can incorporate some of the other ideas in this post when designing how you will lay the wooden planks on your stairs and using different woods and colors or cutting random lengths for a crazy design can turn your staircase into a classy and creative piece of design.

Try to ignore the rules of flooring when you are installing your laminate, think outside the box and turn your home into something exciting and special through the use of this flooring choice.

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