How to Get the Most From Your Home Plumbing System

Your home plumbing system is something that you may not give too much thought to, mainly because you don’t see all of it coursing through your walls. That being said, you still want to do what you can to protect your home plumbing, which includes taking steps to better ensure that your plumbing and pipes last as long as possible. Here are a few expert suggestions to get you started:


Use Screens


Do yourself and your pipes a favor and install screens on all the drains in your home. Screens will prevent hair and food particles from making their way down the drain where they can lead to clogs and other preventable problems. While what you find clinging to screens may not look very appealing, and you’re likely to wrinkle your nose cleaning screens off before cleaning them with hot water, consider the alternative of dealing with an avoidable clog and the cascade of plumbing issues that can result.


Lower Your Water Pressure


Just like the water flowing through your pipes could be hotter than necessary (which can mean you’re spending more than necessary), your water pressure may be a bit higher than it needs to be. Good water pressure is a must with any home, but too much of a good thing can prematurely wear away at your pipes, causing you to need to replace them faster than absolutely necessary.


Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal


Having a garbage disposal is another welcome addition to your residential property, but you’ve got to be careful of how you use it and what you put down it. Absolutely never put grease or oil down the drain, even if it’s hot grease or oil. It will eventually cool in your pipes where it can cause deep clogs. Before firing up your disposal for permitted items, it’s a good idea to run cold water for a few seconds, allowing it to remain running while the disposal is in use and for a few seconds after shutting it off. That way, you keep your pipes clear. As a bonus tip, grinding up ice cubes in your disposal every now and then is a great way to keep the blades clean.


Know the Age and Material of Your Pipes


If you don’t already know how old your pipes are, contact a professional to find out. While she or he is there, be sure to ask what specific material your pipes are made of. The age of your pipes and the material they’re made from have a big part to play in how long you can expect them to last. With this information, you can make plans to have your plumbing system fully replaced on your own terms, which is better than a sudden emergency that demands immediate action…and immediate spending. Know that you can look into relining your pipes rather than replacing them, but a professional plumber will need to help you make the best and most cost-efficient decision.


Taking good care of your pipes is easier than you may think. A bit of time and the right information are all you need to keep water flowing through your plumbing system and your pipes operating at peak efficiency.  


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