Jobs that Let You Get Creative and Use Your Love for Interior Design

Any design job is a great creative outlet. Whether you create t-shirt design mockups or video games or stage offices and homes, being a designer gives you the chance to create and to bring your ideas to life. If you particularly love interior design, you probably spend hours browsing Pinterest, saving ideas, and wishing you could tweak them and turn them into a reality. HGTV shows probably make you feel so frustrated that you don’t have a blank canvas home of your own that you can redesign, and probably have you hollering at their color and design choices as if you were watching a sports game.

If you have a passion for creativity and interior design but aren’t currently working in the space, then we have some good news. There are a number of jobs that you can get or businesses you can start that will enable you to use your love for interior design and help others turn their dreams into a reality, too.

Run a Blog

There are blogs out there for everything these days, so why not start a blog of your own? If you have an eye for design, experience with color schemes, etc., then starting a blog on which you offer advice and consultations for home decorating, wall colors, décor, and even remodels is a great way to use your creativity and get involved in the design space without having to get your hands dirty. Not only can you make money from running your blog, but you could also sell a service like having clients send a photo of the rooms they want to redo, and providing suggestions on what, how, and where to get the things necessary to make it how they want.

Stage Houses

When people go to sell their homes, they will often clean it up but leave their belongings in the house. While a home doesn’t have to be staged in order to sell, 87 percent of real estate agents believe that staging a home increases its value by one to 20 percent, 97 percent of buyers’ agents feel that staging has an effect on the buyers’ viewpoint, and 77 percent of buyers say that it’s easier to see a staged home as their future home. So, although the furniture inside of a home may not increase its appraisal value, it can increase the value perceived by buyers and their agents. If you love to decorate and furnish homes, then staging homes may be the perfect way for you to get involved in the interior design space and start doing something that you love.

Make and Sell Home Décor

Homemade crafts and décor are on the rise, and they are easier than ever to sell. Thanks to sites like Etsy, you can have a store up and running within a day. You could also create a website of your own and sell independently if you want, though. If you love to create typography signs, mantel décor, accents for nurseries, or any other home décor, it’s a great way to get involved in the interior design space and help others make their homes picture perfect without having to go through any schooling or get any certifications.

Become a Professional House Painter

There’s something cathartic about painting—even if you’re only painting walls a single color. On top of that, it’s amazing to see what a single coat of paint can do to a room—it can transform it and make it feel brand new. For those two reasons alone, you may be considering becoming a professional painter; however, it’s also a great way to get involved in interior design, (and getting a license is fairly easy). Whether you want to recommend colors to clients or paint on the ones they’ve chosen, as a painter you can ensure that they get a perfect finish.

Consult Those Remodeling their Homes

So many people want to remodel their homes, but they aren’t always sure where to start. If they’re looking to resell, homeowners might focus on the living room and kitchen, since those two rooms are some of the biggest selling points. If they plan to stay, then maybe they want to redo the landscape, update the bathroom, or turn an unused bedroom into an office. Whatever the case may be, many people could use a consultation to know what can be done and how they can do it within budget.

If you have an eye for design and know what buyers want, consulting for people who are remodeling their home is a great way to use your creativity and passion.

How do you plan to use your creativity and get into interior design?

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