Judging Firmness in a Mattress

When it is time for mattress replacement, you should consider a range of mattresses from plush to firm. Mattresses classified as “plush” are soft, and so-called “firm” mattresses offer more resistance.

As The Foam Factory points out, you can figure out firmness based on the density of the foam used in the bedding. Most mattress distributors will label their product’s firmness for you, although there will be some variations between brands and styles. To judge the firmness of a mattress, you should try out the floor samples in the store.

In general, plush mattresses will have less foam and fewer coils than denser, firm mattresses. Which is better is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer cushion filling they can sink into, and others prefer to rest atop a more supportive surface. To explore what is most comfortable for you, try out the mattresses in store by laying on them for at least a minute, trying out your preferred sleeping positions and using a pillow to support your head. Although some people feel self-conscious lying down in a mattress store, do not skip this essential step to finding the right mattress. Salespeople and buyers should know that it is necessary to take your time and get situated in order to get a feel for the mattress.

Although you may enter a mattress store knowing your preference, don’t hesitate to try out several models. From an ultra plush foam mattress featuring a pillow top to an extra firm mattress, the differences are best appreciated from lying on each one. After you have determined your comfort level on a range of mattresses, select the right degree of firmness for you.

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