Kitchen Design Tips for Beginners

Whenever we start a new year, people often make resolutions for goals they hope to accomplish throughout the year. Whether it’s learning piano, training for a marathon, or taking a trip, people like to take advantage of the new year to create a fresh start. If you’re a homeowner, make this the year you’ll accomplish the kitchen remodel you’ve always dreamed of using these design tips for beginners.


Create a Thoughtful Floor Plan

Have you ever wondered why someone created your kitchen to have that awkward space between the counters and dishwasher, or why there’s an odd nook that’s too small for a table? Before you get started with your remodel, sit down and create a thoughtful floor plan that will allow you to maximize your kitchen’s space. This will allow you to eliminate wasted space and create a nice flow to your room by putting cabinets, doors, and appliances where it makes the most sense for your needs.


Consider Size

If you’re planning to grow your family or are already struggling with a kitchen that’s too small, now might be the perfect time to consider expanding your kitchen’s square footage. You can work with a contractor to determine the best way to expand your space. Even a little extra space can go a long way in opening up your room to more foot traffic and activity.


Maximize Counter Space

In addition to creating a floor plan that allows you to maximize the square footage within your kitchen, you should also consider how you want to use your kitchen’s counter space. When completing your remodel, you can free up a lot of valuable space by making use of your kitchen’s backsplash, which is often neglected. Attach a magnetic bar to your backsplash to eliminate the need for a knife block, or install your microwave above your oven. These small moves can give you back valuable space you may be currently missing out on with your current layout.


Rethink Your Sink

Another consideration when planning a creative kitchen design is your sink. There’s a lot of debate over whether people need a single basin sink in their kitchen or whether a double basin is more useful. Consider your family’s needs when planning your design. If you don’t have room for a dishwasher in your kitchen, then you may want to install a double basin sink, which allows room to both wash and rinse your dishes. There’s no right or wrong sink type for a kitchen, it simply boils down to personal preference, so consider yours carefully before you make a commitment.


Cater to Your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are often one of the biggest investments in a remodel, and are also one of the major focal points in the room. Meet with a professional to determine your needs and be open to different options to make your kitchen stand out. There are ways you can turn up the wow factor in your remodel by mixing up your cabinet choices to include open shelving, glass doors, and closed-door models. These add a little extra spice to your kitchen while still being useful for storage.


Pinpoint Your Island’s Purpose

Many people love having an island in their kitchen for many reasons. Some love using it as the central place for people to gather and eat, while others prefer to use it as extra kitchen space or a place to install an induction stovetop. Determine how you want to use your island if you have one or are planning to install one so it doesn’t seem out of place in the room.


With these tips in mind, your dream kitchen remodel can become a reality this year. If you’re prepared and follow a plan, you should end up with a beautiful room for your family and friends to gather.

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