Re-vamping your living room on a budget

For many, the living room is the centre of your family home, and after a hard day at work, there is nothing better than lazing on the couch and unwinding.

If your living room is due a drastic makeover, but your budget is pretty tight, we’ve put together top, cost effective tips to revamp your living room. Here are our top tips for making quick and eye catching changes to your living room, that are sure to give your room a new lease of life, without breaking the bank. Revamping your living room

Statement wall paper
Statement wallpaper is a great way to give your room a fresh update without spending a fortune. Many DIY and home wear stores now stock an array of bright, bold statement wallpaper sure to brighten up any living room. Stone floral wallpaper would look great against a simple magnolia painted room.

Quick lick of paint
Simply updating your walls with a quick lick of paint is sure to bring a new light to any room. Go for lighter, neutral colours that can be easily teamed with bold accessories to change the look and feel of the room instantly. Calming colours in the living room will help you relax and chill out in your new space.

Splash of colour
Add a splash of colour to your room with new accessories – an inexpensive trick used for many years by interior designers. Use scatter cushions, photo frames, curtains and rugs to add a pop of continuous colour in to the room.

Fire Up Your Living Space
Statement fire’s and fireplaces are a great focal point to any living room. From traditional  fireplaces to distinctive wood burners, a great fire will add a central focus to your room, and most importantly add some heat as the nights get colder. You don’t have to break the bank either, online store “Fireplace Megastore” have a great range of affordable balanced flue gas fires, perfect for re-vamping your living space on a budget.

Bright Lighting
Simply by letting more light in to your living room will change the dynamics and feel of the room. Change your curtains, remove blinds and purchase a new statement lamp to add more light to the room, and add a new, calming ambiance of the room.

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