Ready for Your Close Up? Bathroom Mirrors

The mirror is one of the most important features in the bathroom, and it is used by everyone for different reasons. It is used to wash your face, brush your teeth and do your hair. It is used by men to shave and by women to apply their make-up, it is used by children to write hilarious messages on the condensation after a shower and it is often used as an all-in-one storage space for all the cosmetics, bath products and other bathroom paraphernalia that is accumulated in a family home.

So how do you go about buying your bathroom mirror? Bella Bathrooms, the bathroom experts, investigate further…

There are so many different types of bathroom mirror that it can be difficult to know where to start. A pivot mirror is a flexible, movable mirror which sits on two hinged pivots attached to the wall. Classic-style bathrooms look great with these as a finishing touch, and as they can tilt up and down, they are versatile and practical. Extension mirrors are similar, and are perfect for smaller bathrooms. Using an accordion mount, these mirrors extend from the wall and can be pushed back when they are not in use, saving space and looking neat and tidy.

Many people opt for lighted mirrors in their bathrooms, and this is a wise choice. Small bathrooms often don’t allow a lot of light into the room, so having evenly spread lighting behind a mirror is great for those who use it when applying make-up, shaving or doing any other beautifying regime that requires precision and enough light.

Framed and frameless mirrors can make a great style statement depending on the theme you are going for in your bathroom. A vintage bathroom would be enhanced greatly with a decorative frame, and a frameless mirror can appear sleek and modern, in keeping with a contemporary bathroom style.

Many mirrors also come with added storage, which is incredibly useful in a room constantly cluttered with bathroom paraphernalia from all the family. Medicine cabinet mirrors are among the most popular types of bathroom mirror; they can open outwards to reveal all the essentials you need for your morning or evening regime in the bathroom, from shavers to tweezers, toothbrush to moisturiser. Fusing form and function, these mirrors are a favourite among many renovating their bathroom.

Shadow box mirrors are similar, though not as popular as the conventional medicine cabinet. They have built-in ledges which hold various bathroom items such as soap, tweezers and flannels. This is great for those who like to keep their beauty products and cleansing items neatly on display, but doesn’t fit so well within many contemporary, minimalist rooms.

When it comes to choosing a bathroom mirror, it is simply important to consider what it will be used for and the room it will be placed in. Have a large family who need constant access to toothbrushes and soap? Invest in a medicine cabinet mirror. Want chic minimalism the offers a big reflection? A colossal frameless mirror is the answer.

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