Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas

Whether you seek the look of a formal table complete with charger plates and fine linens or a more casual family-style harvest table laden with Thanksgiving plenty now is the time to focus on how to create the perfect Thanksgiving décor both on the table and throughout your home. It’s easy to focus solely on the table but when you think about it your whole home can reflect the bounty of the season, starting with the front door. Welcome family and friends with a gorgeous seasonal wreath embellished with autumn leaves, gourds, pinecones, nuts and berries. It can be an artificial wreath or one made of real materials – the possibilities are endless and you can find something wonderful at a local farmer’s market or craft show if you are not inspired to make a wreath yourself.

Stimulate the Senses

Naturally you want your home to visually appealing but think for a moment about the other senses – soon you will be appealing to the sense of taste with a mouthwatering Thanksgiving meal but the sense of smell has a lot to do with the anticipation and the enjoyment. The scent of a pumpkin pie baking in the oven is simply wonderful and you can easily replicate this with a few strategically placed pumpkin scented candles or potpourri. Seasonal music is another way to put guests in a relaxed frame of mind – some classical music or great American standards are some suitable options.

A Feast for the Eyes

A beautiful table is a feast for the eyes and helps to build the anticipation the wonderful food to follow. Many families celebrate with a floral centerpiece as part of the table setting; other folks like to scatter autumn leaves and colorful gourds around the table. One clever way to integrate flowers is by winding them around the napkin rings; another option is to place a single gourd or bloom at each place setting and use it as a place card.

Mix and Match

Not everyone has formal dinnerware and a good set of silver but it really does not matter because the eclectic look is equally acceptable – it’s perfectly fine to mix two or more sets of dishes and also fun to make each place setting totally unique. It’s also a good idea to mix up the seating arrangements and intersperse young and old guests; when you break up couples and think about the seating arrangement you can help to ensure that the conversation is lively and everyone has a great time.

Thanksgiving Textiles

One way to dress up an ordinary table is with holiday textiles such as table runners, seasonal napkins, tablecloths and guest towels. It’s an easy way to transform a table and make the meal special; has a great selection.

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