The Things You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, so making it look the part is crucial. There are a number of ways you can breathe new life into it. You can give it a thorough clean and hope the sparkles make it look like new, you can change the worktops or cabinets to make it more modern, or you can completely renovate it if there isn’t anything left that catches the eye.

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Renovating is a stressful process when it comes to the kitchen, though. It’s not just the worktops and cabinets that need to be considered, it’s the electrics, plumbing, flooring, windows, and multiple other things that come into play. If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, ensure you consider the below points before you start ripping it apart.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

When you look at the costs of hiring a professional it might be worth taking your DIY skills to the next level and undertaking the project yourself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that option if you’re handy with the tools. But, if it’s going to take you plenty of time, sweat, and tears to get the job done, sometimes it’s best to swallow your pride and hire someone that can complete the job within the week.

Perth Renovations Co can renovate kitchens and complete projects quickly with little mess, stress, and in a cost-effective manner that isn’t going to take up any of your time. So, it’s always worth looking at both options considering the fact it could cost you the same in the time you consume when building your dream kitchen yourself.

Consider the Value of Your Home

If you’re never planning on selling your home, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just spend what you want to get the dream kitchen you’ve always craved. However, if you’re new to the property ladder or you’re looking to sell in the future, you may want to consider the overall cost of the kitchen renovation project to ensure you don’t overspend. You want to renovate a kitchen that’s going to boost the value of your home, but there are limits. Expert real estate agents recommend you only spend around 15% of your total home value on the kitchen renovation, otherwise, you could over improve with little to no extra value on your home.

Hold on to What Works

If your plumbing is still doing the trick, why hire a plumber to change things around to suit the needs of a kitchen design? Get a kitchen designed so that you can keep the original plumbing/electrical layout intact – it could save you anything between $250-$750. The same goes for the windows. Don’t replace your windows if they’re shiny and clean, just pick a kitchen design that you’re happy with and something that matches with what you already have – that’s another $500+ saving per window. The more you save, the more you can spend on the overall kitchen design or put aside for another renovation project in a different room.

Ripping your kitchen apart at the spur of a moment could have a critical impact on your finances. If you plan your kitchen renovation project ahead, you’ll find that your plans will safeguard your finances and you’ll have more left to undertake other projects at home.

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