Things to Consider When Buying A Bed Frame

A new bed is a major expense, so it’s important to get your choice right, starting with the bed frame. This will decide how restful your night’s sleep is, as well as setting the tone for your bedroom. Is the quality worth the price? A squeaking bed and unstable structure are guaranteed to break your sleep. Choose the best quality you can afford. If your budget is tight, skip on design features and focus on a solid frame made of durable materials that are easy to maintain.

How much space do I have? Getting a comfortable sleep at night is always easier in the widest bed you can buy, especially if there are two of you, but make sure your new bed doesn’t dominate your room. Remember, too, that bed frames usually come in standard sizes, making it easier to shop for the right size.

Is the design practical?

Test the bed frame and mattress together to make sure they are a comfortable height. Watch out for high or extra-wide side boards as well. They look attractive but can get in the way when you are using the bed. If you are tall but want the convenience of standard sizes, choose a model without footboards so you can stretch out at night.

Are there any dangers?

Look out for sharp edges and rough finishes and check the frame’s sturdiness. A double bed-frame should have a support beam down the middle and slats must be robust enough to support your mattress without moving.

What are the best materials for me?

Wood is inviting and easy to maintain, but not always robust at the cheaper end of the market. Metal can look colder, but gives a very sturdy frame and is easy to clean. Another popular choice is a fabric- or leather-covered frame. With padding around the head, foot and sides, this is a more luxurious feel, and perfect if you like to sit up in bed with a good book.

What style should I choose?

There is plenty of choice for a personal touch to your space. Simple frames are popular, either open-ended or with a low headboard and footboard. For a practical twist, choose a frame with built-in under-bed drawers. Four-poster beds and canopy beds are also enjoying a revival and are available in minimalist styles or with decorative turning for a more traditional look.

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