Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Home for the Holidays

As the holidays approach and everyone starts getting excited to decorate their homes, it can seem more stressful decorating in an apartment rather than a home, due to smaller spaces. However, do not that dull your holiday spirit. Impress your friends and family this holiday season with these top 5 decorating tips for your apartment home that will make your home the most spirited and of them all:

1) Miniature Christmas Tree

If your ceilings are too low, free not because a miniature Christmas tree is the new trend for new apartments. It is an adorable decoration that will create a unique look. You can have fun by decorating it with tinsel, ornaments, and the perfect tree topper. Also, you can add more Christmas spirit to the tree by adding wrapped gifts under or around it.

2) Mantel Displays

Use up the space on your mantel to hang up stockings and other decorations such as candles, snow globes, and holiday pictures. They are great pieces to place on your mantel in order to add to the holiday spirit in your home. Another great idea is to display your nativity scene along the mantel for everyone to see.

3) Ornaments

Ornaments are only used one time a year and it’s for the holiday. Don’t let your ornaments go to waste this holiday season and use them to their advantage. A great place to hang your best ornaments is from a chandelier to add more to your home. You can also hang them along with garland on railings or along doorframes.

4) Christmas Lights

The new trend is to take your Christmas lights and decorate the inside of your home with them along with, or instead of the outside. Hanging them around the walls, on your ceiling, or around doors will brighten up the rooms in your home and make the place feel more peaceful.

5) Dish Display

Bring out your best holiday dishes and create a display for them. You can hang them from the walls, place them in your glass cabinets, or even set them out on your table. Even buying cheap white plates and painting them with snowflakes or holiday sayings will create such a cute look for the holidays.

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