Tips to Prepare Your Home for Resale

When you are about to put your home for sale, you’ll have to first assess what updates you can do to increase your home’s value. One thing is true in particular: not all projects reap the same benefits. Strongly consider what needs to be done and how you’d like to tackle it—whether it’s do-it-yourself or hiring a contractor.

Even when you have sat down and made a list of things that need remodeling or updating, sometimes it’s hard to know what are today’s trends. One thing you can do is to have a professional, such as a realtor come out to your home and evaluate everything. This is a great place to start and will give you much needed guidance in the remodeling process. The realtor knows what is in demand and sells, along with what others in the nearby areas have in their homes.

So as you get ready to do some remodeling, be aware of which projects provide the most value. These will certainly boost what you can have as your listing price.

1. Living Room Updates

The living room is one of the key rooms of any house. Here, family and friends come together and socialize or go to relax and unwind. With that in mind, it’s important to update your living room to reflect today’s latest trends. And not all trends have to be ones that you’d anticipate to be popular for only several years; you can pick something that is seemingly timeless.

Living room updates can start with smaller updates such as: repainting, updating light fixtures, placing new outlet covers, filling any seams in baseboards, etc. Larger updates may include installing new flooring (such as hardwoods or bamboo). Flooring, especially when installing hardwood is costly, however, it will make your home more desirable.

Do you have popcorn ceiling? One thing you should definitely do is to remove it. It’s dated and will likely negatively impact the appeal of your home. Some popcorn ceiling may even contain asbestos if it was used prior to 1977.

2. Minor Bathroom Updates

Bathroom updates have an extremely high impact on the value of a home. You can do smaller updates, which will still provide a high return—not everything has to be big. You can put in a framed vanity mirror, update faucets, put new flooring (such as tile or luxury vinyl); you can even install a new toilet.

  1. Minor Kitchen Updates

There’s a lot you can do to a kitchen, but here too, you can make minor updates to make a big return. For starters, you can install new light fixtures (even perhaps put some recessing lighting), put new flooring (tile and vinyl are the most resilient to moisture), and install a new sink and faucet. Depending on the condition of your cabinets, you could repaint them, giving them a whole new and improved appearance.

These tips will help get you your desired asking price. Regardless of whether you are planning on making improvements while you are living at the residence or you’ve already moved out to a new property, remodeling is a big project. To see it carried out properly, make sure that your home has a security system. Materials can be stolen and should never be left outside unattended. Whenever there is building material present, there have been cases of vandalism or theft.


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