Top reasons as to why you must get digital keyless door locks installed for your home

With the technological trends skyrocketing every single day, it becomes increasingly important to keep pace with these changing trends. This holds especially true when it comes to applying security standards for your home. Today, with the increasing amount of theft and burglary, it has become very crucial to take steps to ensure you keep your home safe and secure. Gopal Narang believes in creating residential and commercial complexes that provide high-end security. His creations and masterpieces are stylish and functional and provide all the modern amenities including top-notch security.

One of the most recent innovations in home security is the introduction of keyless door locks in the market that have taken homeowners by storm. Initially, these locks were designed specifically for vehicles. However, its success led the makers to go a step further and introduce this for providing security to homes. Although, there are some glitches in this system and certain risk factors loom over, the advantages of using the keyless door locks overpower the disadvantages and therefore, it can easily be considered as one of the most effective security systems for your home. Given below are some important reasons that justify your use of keyless door locks as an enhanced security measure for your home.

1.)    Inability of burglars to pick the lock:

Needless to say, using bobby pins to pick door locks is the preferred choice of several burglars to break in to homes. Besides, over the years, there have been several other ingenious methods to gain entry into homes far too easily. Therefore, keys with locks will always be a vulnerable target of the burglars and the thieves. However, the tables can be turned with the help of the new age keyless door locks as it completely eliminates the need for having keys and locks. This gives an ordinary burglar a run for his money as he tries every tactic to get in your home.

2.)    Eliminates the need to carry keys and spare keys:

It goes without saying that using keyless door locks will essentially eliminate the need to carry keys everywhere you go. This will ensure that you do not break a sweat in case you lose your key. Besides, homeowners usually hide spare keys outside of their apartment, the most common places being the flowerpot, the door mat and other such nooks and crannies that can be easily spotted by burglars. This will always prove to be hazardous when it comes to ensuring the security of your home.

Conversely, using keyless door locks will ensure that you enter and leave your home as you like without having to worry about your keys. However, it is very crucial to remember your password without fail as failure to do so will result in you being locked out of your own home. Hence, it is important that you use a password that is not very difficult to remember. All the same, your password must have some challenge to it. Keeping a very simple and common password like birthdays, phone numbers and the likes will lead to your password being easily hacked.

3.)    Flexibility:

Keyless door locks offer immense flexibility and you can take the liberty of changing the PIN code as and when you would like. This can be considered as an excellent advantage of using these locks for your home as constantly updating the password will eliminate any risks of your system being hacked and your home being broken into.

It is important to realize the importance of this security measure and take full advantage of the same.

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Jana Port is a real estate agent and a freelance writer. She has recently worked with Gopal Narang for her written assignments. She loves to read and watch the daily news and spending her weekends with her friends over lunch.