Top tips to help you choose the right carpet for your home


It goes without saying that carpet is a must-have home decor item when you wish to stylize your home and make it visually alluring. A good quality carpet gives you an extremely luxurious experience as your feet dig into the lush, rich surface of the carpet. Besides, restless kids running around the house is a common occurrence and therefore, the presence of a carpet will keep accidents to a minimum and will prevent children from getting hurt if they happen to fall on the ground while in the middle of their shenanigans. Needless to say, an immense amount of effort goes into the maintenance of these carpets. However, the comfort that carpets provide along with the functionality cannot be replaced. Nonetheless, you need to be extremely careful when picking out the right carpet and the following guidelines will ensure that you do so without any hassles.

1.)  Pay attention to the padding of the carpet:

While this can be considered an expensive affair, you must consider investing in the right padding for your carpet. It gives a strong base to the carpet and is responsible for the lush and comfortable feel that it gives your feet when you step on them. Besides, it helps maintain the carpet for longer. Good carpet padding is made from materials like rubber or foam. Apart from the obvious fact that it elevates the appearance of your home, it also ensures excellent insulation by keeping the temperature of your home more regulated. Besides, carpet padding is well known to drown out unwanted sounds, thus focusing on the privacy of your home. Ideally, people with a bigger family may require a better quality firm padding to maintain the carpet for longer. On the contrary, a home accommodating less people will not require a very strong padding.

2.)  Invest in a good carpet company:

You can only get access to the right carpet if you are successful in selecting the right carpet store. There are several places where you can decide to buy your carpet from. Usually, people buy carpets from stores selling furniture, flooring and department stores. With the online shopping rage currently taking over every shopping trend, people buy carpets online as well. While there is nothing wrong in doing this, you must consider buying from a store that specialises in carpets only. They have a wider collection to choose from. Apart from the various styles and colours, they also have carpets in different materials based on your needs like wool, jute, linen and the likes.

3.)  Select the right carpet for the stairs:

This can be considered as one of the trickiest aspects when trying to select a carpet. You must realize that the carpet used for the stairs require immense maintenance as it suffers a lot of wear and tear. Besides, unlike floor carpeting, carpets for the stairs need to be shaped as per the stair and therefore, they will require bending. Therefore, you must consider selecting a cut-pile carpet over the looped pile one for better efficiency and visual appeal.

4.)  Ensure that your carpet is eco-friendly:

You may not realize it but the padding and adhesives that go into the making of these carpets can harm the environment and release unwarranted toxins into the air, thus posing as a threat to your health. The smell of new carpets is probably the harmful chemicals that can do you more harm than good. Continuous inhalation of these chemicals can cause breathing problems and allergies. As a rule of thumb, you must opt for carpets made with odour-free and natural materials like wool, jute, linen. You can also opt for carpets that have been recycled.

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