Transforming your Backyard into the Perfect Getaway

In today’s economy, a lot of people are reluctant to take vacations because they are so expensive. Many are opting for “staycations” where they just stay home and visit local attractions. This can be very convenient and a good way to save money. However, one often overlooked destination is your own backyard! With the right tools, a backyard can be transformed into a relaxing and peaceful spot as gorgeous as any resort and for a fraction of the cost of a week-long trip. Here are some tips for transforming your backyard into the perfect getaway.

Creating a Picturesque Patio

Covering up unsightly fences is the key to creating an immersive experience in your own backyard. Planting tall shrubs or using a trellis covered in vines is a good way to obscure the fencing. Layering plants vertically along planters also creates beautiful scenery. An added benefit of having a tall plant backdrop is the privacy that you get from your neighbors. Making the most of vertical space is the key to furnishing your backyard, especially if yours is small.


Adding a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall can add peace and tranquility. It can be particularly relaxing to take a nap outside and hear the sound of trickling water to soothe you to sleep. On a hot day, the mist created by these water features can be beneficial in cooling off.


Choosing the right lighting can have a big impact on the types of things you can do in your backyard at night. If you’re planning on making your backyard look like a picturesque destination, using torches and gas lamps can create a dramatic ambience.


Durable outdoor furniture is hard to come-by. The most frequent mistake when decorating a patio is to use indoor furniture. This is susceptible to weathering and may become easily damaged. When picking furniture for your backyard and patio, make sure that it is durable as well as comfortable. Specialty outdoor furniture is built to last and withstand the elements. Try to pick furniture that accents the plants you have selected for your backyard. A good choice would be to use vegetation indigenous to your area and then select furniture with colors or styles that complement each other. For example, if the plants are low shrubs, get a patio umbrella that can provide shade and then place lawn chairs underneath it. Conversely, if you have a high fence made of tall, skinny trees, the shade is already provided naturally, and all you have to do is add furniture. It may be beneficial to build a permanent structure such as a gazebo or pergola if you live in a more sunny area.


No vacation is complete without copious amounts of food. If you are planning a “staycation” in your own backyard, why not add an outdoor kitchen? This may not seem like a luxurious addition, but if you add a propane grill that is encased in stone or brick, it may be a good addition to your patio and may add some scenic qualities.

Finishing Touches

Even if you can’t afford to add all of the things that were mentioned, a nice planter can spice up an otherwise boring backyard. Little details can add pleasing visuals, even on a budget. Hopefully, this advice is enough to transform your backyard into the perfect getaway.

Written by Mark Winkelman. Mark is a Project Advisor at allows you to create an outdoor space that brings together the intricate splendor of nature and the comforts of modern convenience.

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