Water Purification System: The Different Processes

The municipal water supplied to your home consists of different types of impurities. It may contain metals like lead or dissolved impurities like microorganisms or even substances that make the water hard. Based on this, there are different types of water purifiers available in the market. If you wish to know about different types of purification systems, here are the major ones that are offered by only the best water purifier in India.

  1. RO Water Purification

RO purification gets rid of not only viruses and bacteria from water, but also eradicates the hazardous dissolved impurities. It uses mineral RO technology to retail the necessary natural minerals in water with TDS controller. The advanced RO water purifiers employ double purification system combining the Ultraviolet (UV) or Ultra Filtration (UF) system and Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. This purification process is carried out in multiple filtration stages and removes all types of dissolved impurities. The best thing is that such water purifiers retain the essential minerals offering you absolutely safe and pure drinking water.

  1. UV Water Purification

Another water purification system is UV water purification. This process uses Ultraviolet (UV) radiation to disinfect water. It deactivates the viruses and deadly bacteria making the impure water absolutely safe and fit for consumption. Purifiers with UV system also come with a storage tank. Hence, if you are supplied with municipal water and do not want to alter the taste of the water supplied, UV water purifier is an ideal choice.

  1. Gravity Water Purification

If you are worried about the electricity cost that some water purifiers would lead to, then first you must know that water purifiers use very less amount of electricity. But still, if you want an alternate, you can opt for gravity water purification system, which is also the best water purifier in India. The purifiers are non-electric UF-based water purifying systems that are designed to provide clean and safe drinking water free from bacteria and impurities. Such purifiers are equipped with hollow fiber UF membrane to ensure that the drinking water is free from chemicals and impurities.

Advanced Systems with Double Purification Technology

The above three kinds of purification methods are the most commonly used techniques for purifying water. However, with the latest advancements in technology, reputed water purifier brands like Kent have started integrating double purification technology in their purification systems. This implies that followed by RO purification the water also undergoes UV/UF purification so that the water that is finally dispenses is 100% free from all kinds of impurities.

With this kind of advanced technologies being equipped in purifiers, there is no need to be concerned about the quality of water you are consuming. If you are looking for the best water purifier in India, a model with double purifier technology should be your go-to choice.

Before you check for the best water purifier, just make sure that it is based on advanced technologies and is the perfect solution for your water purification needs and budget.

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