When Fido Needs a Break…5 More Ways to Protect Your Home

Some dog breeds are known for their guardian tendencies, while others are known for their companionship and goofy personalities.
Whatever type of dog you may own, you may feel as though having a dog is a good deterrent for thieves and burglars. While some dogs can be a big deterrent to would-be home invaders that is not always the case. Even if you have a pet in the home it is a good idea to consider additional ways to secure your home from would be thieves.

While having a pet in the house is a wonderful for many reasons, they can create a sense of false security. The bottom line is that many thieves simply are not deterred by a dog, and most dogs are trained to be kind to guests, rather than bark them out of the house. Because of this, most of your pooch’s day will be spent snoozing on the couch instead of guarding the home from potential intruders.

Get an Alarm System
While your pet pooch might not make a burglar think twice about stepping foot in your house, a blaring alarm system will. In some cases, the sign is enough to deter a thief because the home simply is not an easy target. If they do try and gain entry, the activation of the alarm will send them running for the hill and keep your property and your pet safe at the same time.

Set Timers On Indoor Lights
When the sun goes down, burglars tend to check neighborhoods to see who is and is not home. To deter a thief from ransacking your home in the night, set automatic timers on lights. It makes it look like someone is home and awake. A thief is less likely to try and gain access if they think someone is home. Plus, it’s a good idea to leave a light on for your pet, anyway.

Make Entry Points More Difficult to Access
Most home invasions take place from normal entry points or ground level windows. Believe it or not, a thief is more likely to enter the home from the front door or backdoor, than through a more complex means. Tighten up security at these points. Make sure the exterior doors are solid wood or steel. Hollow doors are easy to kick in. Make sure all of your windows are locked, and decorative windows around the doors should be reinforced with plexi-glass, making it more difficult for a burglar to break the window.

Trim Back Hedges and Bushes Around Your Home
Don’t give a burglar places to hide or an easy way to be obscured from the prying eyes of neighbors or those walking by. Trimming shrubbery is also better for your pet’s health and well-being. Make sure grass is cut short and shrubs by the door are cut back. Cutting shrubbery and keeping everything tidy will also prevent unwanted wildlife from spending time in your yard and enticing your dog, as well.

Install Motion Detectors
Motion lights are a great deterrent for thieves. Because most burglars aim to get in and out as quickly as possible without being detected, a motion detector will startle anyone thinking of breaking into your home. Even when your pet isn’t on duty, the light will also bring the dog’s attention to activity, and help them alert you, the people in the house, that someone is outside.

Having a dog is a wonderful, rewarding and joyful experience. While some dogs may seem like a great way to protect the home, in most cases they aren’t the invader deterring guard dogs you might think. So, while Fido is snoozing on the love seat you might want to consider utilizing a few of these home-securing options to keep your property and your pet safe from harm.

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