Year-Round Strategies to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Your home is your castle, right? Yet when insects, rodents, and other kinds of pests invade, you can feel violated, insecure, and even frightened. It’s natural to have these kinds of feelings, but you’re not without ways to fight back against vermin infestations. Your comfort, safety, and health are all on the line, so keep some important tips in mind to deal with existing pest problems and prevent future incursions.

Cleanliness Is Vital to Pest Prevention

Maintaining a clean home is the first step to discourage unwanted visitors. While each species is attracted to different kinds of common household items, the EPA advises removing sources of food, water, and shelter that can entice them into your house in the first place. It’s a wise idea to integrate a few best practices to safeguard against pests:

  •          Keep food should be kept in sealed containers

  •          Dispose of food waste into tightly covered trash cans

  •          Remove indoor garbage at regular intervals

  •          Fix plumbing and other leaks as soon as possible

  •          Don’t allow water to stand and collect, even in pet bowls

Excessive clutter can also act as a “invade your home free card” to vermin, so it’s important to get rid of extra newspapers, magazines, or cardboard items. Store away clothes you’re not wearing in reclosable plastic bags or plastic boxes, and don’t forgo a good laundering of your items before packing them away. Finally, be sure to close cracks and crevices and seal spaces around pipes where insects, rodents, and other critters can enter.

Outdoor Areas Also Need Attention

It’s critical not to forget about the exterior spaces around your home, either. While a 2017 Huffington Post article provides summer-specific tips, it’s a good idea to keep your yard, sheds, and other outdoor areas around your house kept up during every season of the year:

  •          Avoid storing building materials near your house

  •          Firewood should be kept on racks, at a minimum of five feet away

  •          Keep shrubs and trees around your house trimmed

  •          Rake up leaves and debris regularly

  •          Inspect outdoor furniture to clear away webs and eggs sacs

Partner Up With a Pest Control Company

The onus is on you to maintain a clean home to circumvent attracting pests. Nevertheless, you’re going to need help from qualified pest control experts to executive a fully effective strategy to keep critters out. An inspection can provide information about possible risk factors for an invasion, including any hazards or entry points you may have missed in your own efforts. Moreover, they can present you with several key options for your plan:

  •          Perimeter and indoor treatments

  •          Foundation, crawlspace, and slab strategies

  •          Bee, wasp, and hornet removal

  •          Control and prevention of pigeons and rodents

  •          Home sealing

When Is the Right Time for Pest Control?

There’s nothing to stop you from hiring a pest control and prevention professional at any time of the year. However, most infestations can begin during the warmer spring and summer months. That’s because most vermin have a very low tolerance for cold, and several varieties of insects tend to die off during the winter months. On the other hand, some species see chillier temps as a sign to find indoor shelter—and to them, your home will certainly do. Connect with your pest control company before spring, but keep in mind that prevention and extermination are year-round strategies.

Protection and extermination from multiple angles is an efficient, multipronged approach in addition to your own in-home prevention efforts. Not only that, it requires maintenance, housekeeping, and treatment during every season. Keeping your property free of exposed food, standing water, shelter opportunities, and entry points are just part of your overall strategy. Working with a trusted pest control company is also a vital tactic in ensuring your household stays safe, comfortable, and hygienic.

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